Inheritance law

Our law firm will advise you, allow you to successfully resolve an international succession by always favoring the unblocking of conflicts, by establishing a transaction or by pleading if necessary.

Fiscal law

We assist and advise our clients in corporate law and tax law in all their commercial and real estate development projects. We regularize sometimes complex tax situations.

Real Estate & Construction

The Firm advises, in all the legal and tax aspects of their business, the various players in the real estate market: institutional investors, developers, real estate groups, individuals, etc.

Business law & social law

From the preliminary assessment to the drafting of the contract, we support you, in France and abroad, in all your external growth projects: merger, acquisition, sale, partial contribution of assets…

Banking & finance law

Specialist in banking law for institutions and internationally. Our Firm ensures on behalf of its institutional clients the taking of personal and real guarantees on real estate assets.